About me… I’m 60 years old now, and have been interested in photography for a very long time…! I started selling pictures only in about 2005, mostly landscapes or other creations, and cards and postcards. Previous to this photography had been a hobby I have dipped in and out of for over 30 years. I’ve been doing weddings now for over 12 years commercially having started doing weddings for a number of friends weddings.

And in 2012 after my permanent employer decided to let me go, I ploughed my redundancy cash into a studio which has been running for nearly 8 years. And I am very proud of where it has got to now…! See more about that in some of my blogs as I look back as well as forward, so look there sometime! I am also looking to get involved in other things too, and again more on those as they develop!

This website is dedicated to my Lifestyle Photography which I’ve developed over recent times with photos done mostly outside of the studio, capturing people in their natural situations of home, work or favourite places, with the look being natural and personal.

I do have other photo skills and exercise these in different ways…

I have a studio – JFYP Studio – for all studio portraiture needs as well as training and studio hire.

And I do weddings –

I also produce a blog about some of what I get up to –

In my leisure time, I like walking, photographing (yes for fun too!) and movies as well as reading and recently listening to books too!

I am also chair of a Sheffield based camera club –

Outside of photography, I am involved in Drama with Wombwell Thespians and Rotherham Rep. and recently started a new audio performance drama website Digital Stage

I am based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and share a house with my partner Linda. I have two grown up boys, James and Ben.

Above photo is by Ian Burns – all other photos on this website are mine!